The Road In Front Of Our College

  The so-called road in front of St Josephs, I wouldn’t call it a road it’s like a gateway to your death.

  Everyone who lives in Bangalore knows the Bangalore traffic really well, it’s not that there is a lot of traffic the problem is none of the vehicles on the road seem to have brakes. I assure you not a single car, bike, or rickshaw will stop for you to cross cause that additional 5 seconds or so is like the 5 seconds that they dearly need to survive.

I actually have to leave for college 20 minutes early because crossing the road is more time consuming than everything else I do to get ready in the morning.

There is this hump right in front of the gate to slow the vehicles down. But people see it as a ramp that turns your vehicle into a flying machine of sorts, you can see cars and bikes flying off from the humps like they are in motorsports or something, you see the irony right?

This was just one of the many fun things you can witness from the road in front of our college. The other thing would be the so-called rickshaw drivers you have there who charge such a huge rate for the shortest of distances which makes me think do they have a rickshaw or a Rolls Royce?

Once I accidentally asked one of the rickshaw guys to take me to Brigade road and the rate was more than the rent for my apartment. It actually brought a tear to my eye.

There were times where I actually thought of dropping college and becoming a rickshaw driver, I could be a millionaire in no time.

Flow of life.

The next interesting part would be the students themselves, some of them are like road crossing professionals. They do it so seamlessly that it feels like they pass through the buses and cars, and I just stand there in awe at this superpower.

They all make it look so easy. This could easily be a profession, “MASTER ROAD CROSSER“. I once saw a girl cross the road without even taking a second to look at both sides while on the phone and drinking coffee. I’m pretty sure she’s related to Spiderman.

  The rush hour at our college road is a sight to behold. You got students scrambling to get to their classes, vendors pushing their carts through potholes, cars and bikes zooming past to get to work.

Everything is so flawless. Just watching all this happen really makes you believe the saying “everything happens for a reason”. For example,10 to 15 students wait to cross the road while a vendor comes with his cart. A car stops roadside to buy something from him. This in turn, creates a small traffic jam and that tiny gap is all that is necessary for the students to get across.

It’s so fun to watch as life unfolds before you like clockwork.

  There is this sky bridge being made to help in crossing the road but I’m really sure that most of the students will not be using it. This is because of  2 main reasons.

One being that they are just lazy people who don’t want to climb two or three fights of stairs in the morning.

The second is the pure adrenaline rush you get while crossing this disastrous road. This rush is all the morning coffee you’ll ever need, it’s so strong that you’ll see your life flash by.

Also during the rainy season you don’t have to take a shower in the morning. The drainage near the roads are so bad that all you need to do is go stand near it. I can’t guarantee the freshness of the water but it saves you 10 minutes of shower time.

  I really recommend people to take some time off to enjoy the road in front of our college.


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