Long Story Short… I Failed

This event took place during the final days of my 12th grade. Finals were approaching and unfortunately, Ubisoft decides to release a new video game.

 I started playing the video game day and night without my parents knowing and just like that there were only 2 days left for my finals and I hadn’t even touched my textbooks! That was when I started to panic. A lot of ideas came to mind, none of them good. The ideas were

  1. Runaway from home
  2. Fake some kind of illness
  3. Blame me for not studying on some kind of supernatural force

 I knew there was no way out of this mess, I had like 21 chapters to complete. That is when I thought of something, Steve my neighbor!

He was a 12th fail and now he has a high paying job. So I decided to pay him a visit. I go up to his house and tell him my sticky situation. He invites me inside and says “Let me tell you a story, but this story, it’s a long one” “I don’t care how long it is will it help me?” “Yes, it will bro”.

 So then he begins his story of how he failed his 12 grade. He says at that time he was too much into football and he would always be playing the sport 24/7. But when the time of exams came all of his friends went to study but not him.

His love for the sport was too much that no exams could stop the guy from playing. Let me pause for a second, he wasn’t telling me this story in the normal storytelling way i.e he was going into too much detail.

He was going on and on about the free kicks he scored, different types of footballs, what he ate before going to play football, his favorite team, the dreams he had, what kind of diseases he had as a kid, his favorite T.V show, etc.

He was adding every irrelevant thing to the story. I just wanted to pass my exams so I didn’t pay much attention to it because he did say this story was going to help me.

He wasn’t kidding when he said the story was long, I had to go back home then continue the next day. His story only finished on the day right before my exams.

 He ended it by “That’s Is how I failed my 12th grade and still to this day people haven’t stopped teasing me about it! It’s been 6 years and they still haven’t stopped!”

“ Wait so this is the whole story? How is this going to help me with my EXAMS!!!’

“Well the thing is bro it’s not going to help you, you’re going to fail, I just wanted you to not study that’s why I dragged the story on for so long”

“ What the hell! What do you mean! Why would you do something like that”

“The thing is I’m the only kid in this neighborhood who failed his 12th grade but now there will be 2 kids who failed and finally the teasing will stop. Now that I have company, you will be the neighborhood clown from now on, welcome to the club bro”


Moral of the story: Just study kids, there’s no way around it.


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