A Cry for Help

The twinkle twinkle little star lullaby never started out as a kid’s song. It actually talks about a dark secret.

The writer was actually abducted by aliens, therefore the twinkling star. She actually wrote this in subtle code hoping someone would crack it and eventually set out in search of her.

No one knows why she didn’t just directly cry out for help, or write a letter saying she was abducted, well everyone has their way of expressing themselves I guess.

Unfortunately, the code was cracked way too late and the aliens killed her. This is the story of how we cracked the code and the journey to recovering her dead body.

This is what happened.

Sitting down for a cold cup of coffee, I hear my niece playing with her kid’s phone. The kind of phone which plays a different song each time you press a random button.

I remember when I had the same thing, wouldn’t let that thing down even for a second. Played it till the speakers wore out. This time I don’t know why but one of the songs caught my interest.

Twinkle twinkle little star.

I don’t know why it happened to intrigue me, maybe it was because of the fact that the song was playing on max volume at 6 in the morning, but who knows. The lyrics talked about this kid, I hope it’s a kid because a grown-up talking to a star would just seem sad.

This kid says how he wants to know what that shining thing in the sky is, the kid calls it a star but still talks about how he doesn’t know anything about it. How come he knows what it’s called but still says I don’t have any clue what you are.

The most curious thing is the kid compares the star to a diamond. Why is that curious you ask? Oh, I’ll tell you why. A recent study showed traces of diamond particles were seen in a lot of stars in the sky, coincidence? I think not.

So you’re telling me a kid’s rhyme from years ago accidentally predicted that the stars had diamond particles in them. People might say I’m crazy, they might say I’m looking too much into a kids song. They’re the crazy ones. No writer would make it so obvious.

When writers try to not make sense in some of their works we know

‘Oh, this isn’t supposed to make sense. Ha ha…”.

But here it doesn’t feel like that. Here it’s making perfect sense, everything the writer is saying is supposed to be taken literally. This was never a kids song, this was a cry for help. Oh my God. I can’t believe I just worked all of this stuff out over a cup of coffee. Strong coffee I tell you.

I had worked out one of the biggest finds in mankind’s history. The only thing left was to get my story across to the professors over at NASA. I mean it’s obvious that the story talks about how the writer was kidnapped by aliens. Who would be better to save her than NASA?

WAIT. I have a find of the century here, I shouldn’t be giving this up so easily. I could probably take this to NASA and ISRO and make them bid for it. This could make me super rich easily. A discovery like this will do wonders to their space research institutes.

I’m pretty sure they’ll go all out just to get this information from me. Guess I should mail this to both of them. No, wait. That’s stupid, what if the postman reads my mail? He’ll get all of the credit. No! this is my find. I’m going to hand-deliver this to both of them.

I shouldn’t get myself trapped in greed so much. A poor writer has been abducted by aliens and I’m over here hoping to get a million bucks off of her abduction.

Sheesh! Maybe couldn’t split the profits with her, if she’s even alive that is. Well, I was ready to split it with her, it’s her fault she’s not alive. Like my Grandma always says,

‘It’s the thought that counts’.

I thought about giving her some of the money, she’s dead so I keep the money which makes me the good guy.

The next day.

So I go on down to NASA, show them my findings, and guess what they couldn’t believe it either. They were talking to me about how stupid they were to miss something like this. It was staring at our faces since we were kids, moms used to sing this for us and no one realized.

I comforted them by saying

“Let’s not get hung up on the past guys. Let’s be happy about the fact that I did find this out. All I’m asking is you give me all the money you guys can and I’ll hand over all of my findings right to you.”

They were ecstatic. They were so nice and welcoming, pulled me aside to the main office, had a few guards follow me everywhere, I mean I am someone who has the find of the century, you wouldn’t want my life at risk right.

So they lead me into this van which I guess was supposed to take me to their headquarters or something where they will hand over a suitcase full of cash. But no, because I feel like the driver made a mistake and dropped me somewhere else called

“Home for the mentally insane”.

It’s fine I guess. People at NASA are humans too, they will make mistakes here and there. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the guy to come back and pick me up.


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