A Canadian Whisper

 Along the fields of Nova Scotia Canada, there was always a whisper. A whisper that could be heard every Christmas night.

  No one knew what it was and what it meant. It was just a sound of 2 or more people trying to have a conversation but whispering. Almost 60 percent of the population of Nova Scotia reported hearing the whisper every Christmas night and the others not so much. A lot of theories came about, most of them being supernatural.

 A documentary team decided to set out and put an end to this long-running mystery. Every single member of the team had heard this whisper so their action plan was to interview the people who have not heard the whisper.

After a long 3 months of heavy investigation, they came to a conclusion of sorts. Of all the data they collected they could see that the people who have never heard the whisper consisted mostly of children and women.

So they thought it was some sort of a ghost or a sign to just the men because they must have been doing something very bad and that there was something worse in store for them. So they labeled it as the karma whisper and released the documentary.

Not many liked the documentary because they still did not come to a conclusion for what the whisper was but everyone was interested in the fact that children and most women were the ones who have not heard the whisper. So the documentary team set out again near Christmas time to redeem themselves.

Christmas passed and for the first time, the whole documentary team didn’t hear the whisper. They had set up cameras and audio systems to catch anything out of the ordinary but nothing.


 So they started to think backward, what did they do differently than last year for Christmas. Maybe they were good people this year that was why they didn’t hear the whisper. One of them said,

“Well this year we didn’t have a drop of alcohol to drink”.

Everyone laughed but then stopped and thought. Alcohol. They ran to all the men they could find who reported hearing the whisper and asked them if they had anything to drink. The answer was yes. The ones who did not hear the whisper didn’t drink a drop. Guess what there was no fairy, ghost, or any sort of sign it was just Canadians getting drunk on Christmas.

 The mystery was solved no ghost just Canadians being drunk. That was how the whole of Nova Scotia made a fool of themselves for years. How did all of this start? Just because one guy said

“Hey man I heard a lot of voices last day”

he was drunk by the way and the other guy replied “

no way man I did too”

And the two guys went on asking more and more of their friends who were also drinking. That is how folks the Canadian whisper started.

-John B.Jacob

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